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KandaAlpha DDD Architecture - MVC, Repository, Entity Framework, db4o on Codeplex

Keith Patton has started a CodePlex project called KandaAlpha which I will be contributing to. Original post here The aim of the project is get our feet wet with Visual Studio 2010 Beta 1 and in particular the POCO capabilities of Entity Framework. It's also going to try and demonstrate best practice Domain Driven Design and other associated patterns. db4o has been selected as the persistancy database of choice as it presents a very interesting alternative to the standard RDBMS.

iPhone 3.0 Bug

As mentioned in my last post I have discovered a bug in the iPhone 3.0 Software Update. When playing music the screen automatically activates whenever the song changes, this is very annoying. To describe the problem better, if you have your screen set to sleep after a specified amount of time and you are playing music, whenever the song changes the screen will wake up again. Aside from this, I am enjoying all the new "features".

iPhone 3.0 Software Update - Silence the bashers.

Well I updated my iPhone with the iPhone 3.0 Software Update this morning, I was probably one of the first in New Zealand if not the world as I was up at 4:30am. Anyway, this is a fairly major release and was very impressed to see that it was free. It should shut up all the iPhone bashers as it now has all the features of a high-spec Nokia. Summary of the major new "features" Cut, Copy & Paste Landscape Keyboard MMS - Great I can finally receive dirty photos of my Girlfriend Spotlight Search Voice Memos Improved Calendar Internet Tethering Stereo Bluetooth Shake to Shuffle It also includes some other fairly minor improvements. The Bluetooth is a big one for me and I understand that it will support connecting the Apple Wireless Keyboard , which makes the ideal travel solution as the pesky airlines keep getting tighter and tighter on Luggage Restrictions. Can't wait to try it out. Have found only one minor problem in that it activates the screen when a song change