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Downloading Amazon Kindle app for iPad2 in Singapore

  Last week I got my brand spanking new iPad 2 . One of the major reasons I wanted this piece of technical indulgence is to use as a e-book reader on the daily commute.  So after plugging it in for the first time and going through the arduous ceremony of setting it up and doing the software update you can imagine my dismay when I discovered that the Kindle App was not available in the Singapore App Store. Now I’m already used to the fact that there is no Music or Video content in the Singapore version of iTunes and get by quite happily without it. But disallowing the downloading of a free app is taking it a bit too far. Fortunately for those in Singapore there is a workaround. VPost The first step is to create a VPost account. For those who don’t know VPost is a service run by Singapore Post that effectively gives you a shipping address in either Japan, Europe or the United States. You can then get online shopping orders delivered to this address and they will forward