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SharpKit C# to Javascript Convertor

Recently I discovered SharpKit whilst looking at an online IDE called CodeRun.SharpKit is described as “a Web Toolkit that enables you to write C# and convert it to JavaScript during compilation.”There are a number of other similar tools around that try and achieve the goal of writing in a Static language and then converting it to JavaScript.Some of those include:  GWT (Google Web Toolkit) Script #jscI can’t speak for jsc or Script # but I’ve had a good look at GWT and although I can see the benefits it reminded me a bit of the ASP.NET WebForms model in that the high level of abstraction has a big learning curve. The SharpKitfeature list is very impressive. This is the first time I have tried SharpKit so I’m going to do a very simple walkthrough and how to get started. InstallationGrab the Download from the SharpKit website and run the Installer. As SharpKit is a commercial product they require you to Register before Downloading, but don’t be put off by this. After installing you will…