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HTML5 Video Tag Codec Support

  Recently there was a question asked over on regarding best practices around H.264 and the Video Tag. The answer with the most votes has IMO provided an inadequate solution and I thought I would take the time to clear this up with a new post. Unfortunately and to the frustration of developers that deal with Video content, HTML 5 has dropped the Codec as part of the specification leaving the Browser vendors to implement whatever they want. However the consensus is to use H.264 with even Microsoft adopting this for the forthcoming Internet Explorer 9. Here’s how it stacks in terms of browser support as of writing. Browser H.264 Ogg Theora Google Chrome Yes Yes Firefox No Yes Safari Yes No IE9 Yes No Opera No Yes H.264 Only – Chrome, Safari &

Unit Testing Workflow Activities in .NET 4.0

  Recently during a catch up with my buddy Keith Patton I was (as I tend to do) singing the praises of the Workflow in .NET 4.0. The all important question about Unit Testing support was raised, I tried as best as I could to explain the new In and Out Arguments but I didn’t feel I was convincing enough, so I though I would clarify with a blog post. If you developed Workflows in .NET 3.5 then you will be well aware of the lack of Unit Test support which was due to many reasons but mostly in part to the complex Workflow hosting environment. When moving to .NET 4.0 Workflow Foundation from .NET 3.5 it pays to be conscious of that fact that there is no longer a distinction between Activities and Workflows. Everything derives from the System.Activities.Activity class. So the definition of a Workflow is just a collection of of 1 or more Activities. I have designed a very simple Rental Car Activity which takes the an Applicants age as the input and outputs a True or False depending o